Fire prevention is still important during Shelter in Place...

Hello all you cool cats and kittens! Ha, sorry, had to! Quaranteen is getting to us!

Last week Yuba Net put out an article clarifying the counties expectations during the shelter in place. It helped us know at what level the services we provide are essential and we were able to redefine how we will work through this situation. Fire season is just around the corner and Nevada County needs to be prepared so officials announced how all fire prevention work needs to continue. What that means for us is that we can continue to schedule roof and gutter cleanings, moss removals (when the weather in optimal) and leak repairs. Basically any job that prevents a sanitation or fire risk. 

Pat will be going back to work part time to meet the needs of our neighbors and once this is all over he will resume to normal scheduling. To lower to the risk of contact we have implemented an electronic payment process for the invoice/payment exchange. Please ask us about it. Thanks Nevada County for standing by us while we figure out what the shelter in place means for Herbert's Overhead. 


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