Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licensed contractor?

No, we are not. When we started this company we made the decision to not go that route and keep things simple. We specialize in the smaller jobs, anything under $500.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, it is silly not to. We care about our clients and want to do anything we can to make them feel comfortable doing business with us. On the flip side, we wanted to protect ourselves as well.

How often should I clean my roof and gutters?

Well, that all depends. How many trees do you have around your home? Are they dropping leaves/needles year round? Most people get their roof and gutters cleaned in the late Fall and late Spring. There are a select few who do get their maintenance done every 2-3 months. These are the folks who have pine trees or cedar trees which seem to drop debris year round.

Do you install gutters?

Yes and no. We install small sections of gutter and do minor gutter repairs. We do not do whole house gutter installations. We recommend you call a seamless gutter company for the larger projects.

When is the best time to have your gutters replaced and/or repaired?

During the warm, dry months so that the sealant can dry and adhere properly. The thing is that most people (including ourselves) wait until they notice a problem which is usually during the rainy, cold months. We can sometimes patch up the problem area to hold you over until the dry months come but most of the time the conditions for the sealant is just not optimal.

Do you install gutter guards?

Yes. Please call us for an appointment.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes, we do. People really charge for an estimate?! Please take a peek at our Services page to find out what kind of tasks we perform.

Why do you ask for a material deposit?

You know the saying, "One bad apple ruined it for the bunch", it applies here. We ask for material deposit to cover the materials. We have had many instances where we got the materials and then the job fell through at the last moment and because we are a small company we definitely feel it. Your deposit is held until we need to get the materials.

Why does it take so long to get in touch with you?

Good question. We get somewhere between 15-30 calls in one day. On top of that we could get anywhere from 20-40 emails. And now we offer texting. Sarah also works part time at Sierra Services for the Blind . She has a lot on her plate and works really hard to get back to people in the order in which their request comes in.




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