COVID Procedures 2022

While people are unmasked and stores are fully open now, some of our neighbors are still very sensitive to COVID and want to take precaution. We respect that and take measures to help keep our clients safe. One way we do that is offer contactless billing by the use of Zelle. You can also send a chec…

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COVID update - Purple Tier

Well, here we go again...Herbert's Overhead will continue to operate as usual. Masks and hand sanitizer, Zelle payment option and no contact billing. Stay safe all!


COVID Update

It is safe to say that we are all ready to have the COVID 19 pandemic behind us! Unfortunately, we are not there yet. Because the work that Pat does is outside, it is easy for him to social distance. We continue to wear masks during in person communication and we have implemented a few different way…

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Maintenance Program & Fall Schedule Update!

It must be Fall!! It is bitter sweet to announce that we will only be taking new requests for roof and gutter maintenance and small roof leak repairs until the New Year. Between what we have in the works right now and what we have to do in our maintenance program we are booked! We will not be taking…

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Please contact us through the CONTACT page on the website. Working on having call forwarded to to Sarah's cell. We are still about a week behind in correspondence. Thank you for your patience Nevada County!

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Fire prevention is still important during Shelter in Place...

Hello all you cool cats and kittens! Ha, sorry, had to! Quaranteen is getting to us!

Last week Yuba Net put out an article clarifying the counties expectations during the shelter in place. It helped us know at what level the services we provide are essential and we were able to redefine how we will…

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COVID-19 Update...operations changing.

Hello there,

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to unfold, Pat and I made the decision to hault operations for the next couple of weeks. The office remains open, Pat is just not working unless you are experiencing an emergency situation. An emergency situation is one where there is water le…

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Certainly, we are living in an interesting time!

While events are canceled and schools are closing, we figured it was a good time to think about how the COVID-19 pandemic could affect Herbert’s Overhead and our clients. At this point in time we are operating as usual. Pat will be making every effort to maintain social distancing, not just for his …

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Time to freshen up!

Thank you, Randy, over at Matheson Graphics for getting together this fresh new logo for us! We really apprciate Matheson's Graphics and encourage you to swing by his shop in the Fowler Shopping Center (next to SaveMart). He can take care of all your custom printing needs!

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Looking into the New Year...

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What happens if you do not maintain your roof and gutters?

Maintaining your roof and gutters will prolong the life of your roof and will help retain the value of your home. In time, leaves and debris gathered on your roof will decompose and cause your roofing material (even metal) to deteriorate. This will result in roof leaks, wood rot and possibly mold. Routine maintenance will help to prevent any of that from happening.

Your gutter system is designed to divert rainwater away from your house. If this system is not functioning properly due to a clog or other types of damage, water may stray from your roof; opening up the possibility of water damage to your wood trimming, siding and other areas of your home including the basement. Routine maintenance on your roof and gutters will help to prevent any of these potential problems. Check out these before and after pictures of some work Pat did that addressed these issues.


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