Why is routine roof and gutter maintenance important?

-To prevent leaks, wood rot, mold and any other damages caused by gathered debris and gutter clogs
-Fire Prevention
-To prolong the life of your roof
-To retain the value of your home

Preventative maintenance on your roof and gutters will prolong the life of your roof and will help retain the value of your home. In time, the leaves and debris gathered on your roof will decompose and will eventually cause your roofing material (even metal) to deteriorate. This will result in roof leaks, wood rot and possibly mold.

Your gutter system is designed to divert rainwater from your roof and away from your house. If this system is not functioning properly due to a clog or other types of damage, water may stray from your roof; opening up the possibility of water damage to your wood trimming, siding and other areas of your home including the basement. Routine maintenance will help to prevent any of that from happening.

We suggest that you get your roof and gutters cleaned two to four times a year; especially in late spring before wildfire season and autumn after the leaves have fallen.

Ventilating your attic will also extend the life of your roof and help retain the value of your home. Proper ventilation minimizes the temperature differences between the attic and the air outside, while removing moisture and heat thus reducing condensation. Making sure your attic is ventilating properly will lower your energy costs and help prevent damage to your roof system such as dry rot, ice dams and mold.


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