Fall is here! Now scheduling mid-December and beyond...

Hello Nev Co! At this point everyone on the November and December Maintenance Program call list has been called. There are a few spots left so return my call!! For all new clients we are scheduling into December but there are limited spots left. Sarah has been working hard to get back to all the calls and emails we have gotten over the last couple of weeks. She is still about a week behind but will get back to all of the requests in the order they were received. Please be patient!

What is this Maintenance Program we speak of?

We started this when our repeat customers would call and have to wait months for our roof and gutter cleaning service. Basically, the client chooses which months they would like a reminder call or email and then we contact them when we start to schedule that month. There is no obligation to schedule, you only schedule if you feel you will need it. Even then your appointment is not set in stone and it can be rescheduled at any time. We are typically 4-8 weeks out all year long, sometimes longer once Fall comes so this has program has been nice for our clients and for us. 

How do I sign up?

First decide which months you will need maintenance and then call to tell us. Right now, November is fully booked all year round but there is still some room on October and December. 

How do I determine which months I need service?

Watch the trees you have around your house to see when the leaves fall. Watch the system to know when it is getting clogged. Pine and Cedar trees seem to shed their needles year round, Black Oaks seem to start falling in September and go until late Fall. Maples and other non native trees seem to fall by December. Some species hang onto their beautiful color until just before Christmas. One thing to take into consideration too is fire season. A cleaning in July, August or September is a good idea, or even sooner. Pay attention to what the fire officials are saying and when fire season starts. You just never know, each year seems to be different. 

What if I do not want to be part of your Maintenance Program?

No worries, just call us about two months before you think you'll need us.


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