No Power Policy - Will you keep my appointment?

Hello Nevada County! We certain are living in new times with new challenges. While we would rather have no power than have our beautiful town burn down we do feel that this is not a long term solution to the probelms that PG&E are having.

Will your office have to close during a power outage? Yes, you will know when you call because the phone will ring and ring and ring.

Will you keep my appointment? Yes, Pat does not usually need power or water to perform his duties. Communication may be tricky so if you have an appointment and cannot get through on our regular office number, you have permission to call Sarah on her cell at (530) 615-9537. 

We will get through this Nevada County! Everytime we have to go with out power I think about my oldest friend, Nate, who lost his home and half of his truck in the Camp Fire. A dear friend, Laurie, who lost everything. Another dear friend, Sara, who also lost everything. And a family who is new to our gymnastics family that survived the fire and relocated here. It puts the few days of no power into perspective. 

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