COVID Procedures 2022

While people are unmasked and stores are fully open now, some of our neighbors are still very sensitive to COVID and want to take precaution. We respect that and take measures to help keep our clients safe. One way we do that is offer contactless billing by the use of Zelle. You can also send a check or leave one for us. Luckily, the work that Pat does is outdoors so his exposure in the work place is limited. Because of this and the fact that walking on a roof is difficult, he does not wear a mask while he is working. He will mask up when he approaches your door. Our policy is a lot more fluid than most other work places and we realize that. If you have any concerns with COVID, have special requirements related to the virus while Pat is on your property or want to make contactless billing please let Sarah know when you schedule your appointment. Thank you, Nevada County!

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